Public deliverables

Public deliverables

Find below the list of CAFE’s Public Deliverables. Please, notice that links to the Deliverables will be provided here once they have been submitted to the European Commission and made available online.


Work Package 2

Deliverable 2.1 Which hazardous meteorological quantities in a spatial mode analysis possess the strongest correlations with ENSO phases

Work Package 5 - TRAINING

1st CAFE School (Sitges / November 2019)

2nd CAFE School (Freiberg / March 2020)

Using social media to communicate about science (CAFE ESRs webinar, 28 April 2020)

1st CAFE Workshop (September 2020)

2nd CAFE Workshop (March-April 2021)

3rd CAFE Workshop (September 2021)

Work Package 5

Deliverable D 5.1 Supervising Guidelines

Deliverable D 5.2 Career Development Plans

Work Package 6

Deliverable D 6.1 Web-site and Social Network Profiles

Deliverable D 6.2 Communication Plan

Deliverable D 6.3 Marketing Materials: Brochure