A Tale of Mathematics and Climate Science

Researchers from the CAFE project have collaborated with the book series Els contes de La Laura i en Joan (The Laura and Joan’s Stories), where the characters explore mathematical models that help predict extreme weather phenomena.

Every year, the General Directorate of Research in Catalonia publishes a story from the Laura and Joan collection, with the aim of bringing research projects and science closer to children and encouraging scientific vocations among students from third and fourth grade. The stories show how the main characters, Laura and Joan, two kids with magical powers, participate in diverse scientific projects with scientists from Catalan universities and research institutions. Many of the books have interactive activities that complement the reading of the book, or a didactic guide to work with them.

In number 28 of the collection, Laura and Joan are researching flat out, the young protagonists visit de Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM) to work with Mónica Minjares (CAFE predoctoral researcher, hosted by the CRM), Álvaro Corral (head of the Complex Systems group at CRM and CAFE principal investigator), Daniel Ramos (CRM communication and outreach) and Arantxa Sanz (CRM executive director). The story is written by Josep Maria López Madrid and illustrated by Montse Español.

You can read the story (both in Catalan and English) on the following link:

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