1st CAFE Workshop (September 2020) – Courses and materials

1st CAFE Workshop (September 2020) - ONLINE

Anticipating climatic tipping points and regime shifts

Prof. Emilio Hernández-García and Dr. Cristobal López (CSIC-IFISC-UiB)

Seasonal forecasts of the 20th Century: multi-decadal variability in forecast skill in global teleconnections

Dr. Antje Weisheimer (ECMWF / University of Oxford)

Operational perspectives on sub-seasonal forecasts

Dr. Linus Magnusson and Dr. Florian Pappenberger (ECMWF)

Criticality of geophysical processes and estimation procedures

Dr. Álvaro Corral (CRM)

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Synchronization phenomena in Earth’s climate system

Dr. Jürgen Kurths and Dr. Reik Donner (PIK)

Publishing is not the end of the road: Online communication and dissemination of science

Adrián García (Communication and Outreach Manager IFISC)